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What does a 50-year old retiree do with her time? This is my little area to talk about thrifting, repurposing, cleaning, organizing, decorating, gardening, cooking, family, and whatever strange and unusual thoughts come to mind. My dd and ds have both moved out, so it is just DH and me living out here on 20 acres near a small town in Missouri. My sister-in-law and I are going to open a booth at a local fleamarket/antique mall, so I am excited to work on all kinds of fun projects :) I hope you enjoy and find something of interest.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall decorating for FREE!

Ok, this blog is all about my fall decorating, but I had to put up a couple of garden pics while I was at it.  Today was a day that had "fall" written all over it.  Cool, crisp, and sunny.  My garden is not looking as good as it was earlier this summer, but I'm enjoying what I have left.

After reading fall blogs all day yesterday, I was fired up to do some decorating.  I have a few (very few) fall decorations.  Some were given to me as gifts from students over the years, a couple things I bought at the dollar store, and I bought 3 boxes of "fall do-dads" from Yankee Candle a couple of years ago for a total of about $5.  The pumpkins came from my garden (the only ones that were salvaged after the squash bugs began attacking...)  There are also a few other things from the garden.  I know I need a little extra here and there.  I have a $5 off coupon from Dollar General for this Friday, and since I have to sub in the town where they have a DG, I'm going to pick up a couple more CHEAP things to add.  Remember, I'm not a designer, and I don't play one on TV.  It's not beautiful, but it was free :)

Dining area:

Yes, that's a cat on the table.  They think that's their private spa when the sun is shining in the window.  My tablecloths are usually hair-covered.  Fortunately, dh and I usually eat at the bar... Is that too much info?


That's right, more cats on the table...

Kitchen window, before (sorry, sun was shining through, so these pics didn't come out so  clear.)

After.  I just added this 1950's vase and put in some oat grass and blackberry lily branches from the garden.  They look good during the winter months. I've never put anything red in my kitchen.  Oops!  I guess the dishtowel is red lol!  The walls are green, btw.

 That's all for tonight, I'll post the living room tomorrow ~ computer is acting up.  I would love to see how others are decorating on the cheap :)
Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I love the cats on the table. And everything else. I was able to retire young myself, and I LOVE it.