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What does a 50-year old retiree do with her time? This is my little area to talk about thrifting, repurposing, cleaning, organizing, decorating, gardening, cooking, family, and whatever strange and unusual thoughts come to mind. My dd and ds have both moved out, so it is just DH and me living out here on 20 acres near a small town in Missouri. My sister-in-law and I are going to open a booth at a local fleamarket/antique mall, so I am excited to work on all kinds of fun projects :) I hope you enjoy and find something of interest.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Freedom" tastes like...

SHOPPING!!!  By freedom, I mean, the whole empty nest thing.  I had $20 "free" money I had to spend at Kohl's by today.  We live about 25 miles from the city (where Kohl's is), so I don't go "shopping" all that often (good thing!) For the first time in over 20 years, I really relaxed and enjoyed my shopping trip.  I've always had to 'hurry up and get home' for someone or something.  I've been wanting to try a couple craft projects (I'm not crafty, so these should be interesting...), so I went to Michael's after Kohl's to get some things.  Normally I would hurry up and skip Michaels because I 'don't have time to go there and don't have time to do any crafts...'  I wandered around in there for awhile.  Then I stopped at a "real" grocery store ~ as opposed to our little store here in town ~ and got stocked up on lots of stuff.  I took my time, in no hurry.  Wow.  What a feeling of....Freedom!  This empty nest isn't bad at all :)

An afterthought... I was doing a really good job of being frugal as well as buying low-fat stuff for dh and me at the grocery (we're both determined to lose weight,) until I rounded the last corner.  Isn't it great how the stores make sure there's the deli that you have to pass on your way to the check-out?  Here it was, close to 6:00, and the place smelled like fried chicken.  As I started to pass the deli, I noticed they were putting out fresh chicken, and it was chicken Wednesday -- 8 pieces of chicken and 2 large sides for 6.99.  Guess what we had for dinner?

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