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What does a 50-year old retiree do with her time? This is my little area to talk about thrifting, repurposing, cleaning, organizing, decorating, gardening, cooking, family, and whatever strange and unusual thoughts come to mind. My dd and ds have both moved out, so it is just DH and me living out here on 20 acres near a small town in Missouri. My sister-in-law and I are going to open a booth at a local fleamarket/antique mall, so I am excited to work on all kinds of fun projects :) I hope you enjoy and find something of interest.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Blogger Here

I spend a lot of time reading the blogs of other people, so I decided, "why not start my own?"  I am hoping I have something to contribute, although I'm not sure what it is. 

I retired early from teaching 2 years ago.  I taught 25 years (mostly middle school, hence the reason I retired early!!) and I am now only 49.  Only 49?  It wasn't long ago when that sounded REALLY old!!  My daughter has been out of the house (for the most part) a little over a year, and my (baby) boy is leaving for college this coming Friday.  I will miss him, as he is a lot of fun....However, I'm totally looking forward to the empty nest, as is dh.  I volunteer for many things at school, and also do a lot of subbing in the middle school and high school, so I manage to keep busier than I sometimes want.

We live just outside a small town in Missouri on 20 acres.  We don't farm, but we do have a large garden that dh mostly tends, although I do the canning.  Growing up in the city, I never thought I'd enjoy canning, lol!  I am also really getting into frugal living, making as many of my own products as possible, and living as simply as possible.  I also "enjoy" cleaning - ok, maybe 'enjoy' is a little over the top.  Let's just say I enjoy having a clean house, and no-one but me is going to do it, so I'm trying to get into it.  I'm a list-maker, and maybe doing this blog will help me list what needs to be done.  Any suggestions?  When I work, I work hard, but I've also gotten good at relaxing...maybe too good!  Cooking is also a love of mine, and now that the kids are gone, I'm hoping to get better at planning my meals, especially planning around the sales (from our one small grocery store in this one-horse town!)

Again - this is a start, and I hope I can contribute some good thoughts and ideas to the blogging world.  We'll see what happens.  Thanks for stopping by :)

My back garden - dh working on our new fish pond.  It's wonderful!  This was about 2 months ago.  The garden isn't looking so good now in the 100 degree heat :(.

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