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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Redneck fire pit

So I got a bunch of cool projects done this weekend and I was going to blog about them, but then something else happened tonight that I knew I had to write about instead!  My dh is one of those people who like to keep stuff "cuz I'll use it somehow again," and he actually does.  He can build and fix most anything.  I'm lucky, I know.

We were sitting out on our pergola (that he built about 3 years ago,) and the temperature was dropping.  We have talked about getting a fire pit, but the pergola has a roof structure over it, and we were afraid of the fire getting too high.  He was talking about getting a new grill, and as he walked off, I thought 'he could take that old weber grill and make a fire pit out of it!'  Lo and behold, he came out of the woods with the old, old Weber, and an idea was born.  

Enter, the redneck frugal fire pit!!
That's right, folks.  The bottom of an old Weber grill set inside a large truck tire rim.  Hubs is loading it up ;)  Yes, it's still daylight out, but the temp was dropping.

Yea fall!!!  Yummy warmth :)

This is a shot from the deck looking over the porch (ribs smoking on the grill. yum yum) ~ and the bucket was the first try at the base of the fire pit, but hubs decided that would be too tall.  Past the deck is the pergola, where we live in the warm months - redneck grill ready to go.
So that is my post of the day.  We are both challenging ourselves to 'do with what we have,' and hubs came through on this one :)  I take back anything bad I might have said about him over the last 21 years...

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