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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Candle organization

I have a thing for candles, as I'm sure many of you do.  I have a tart warmer that always has a candle in it when I'm home - it's located in a central location in the living room, so the smell goes all throughout the first floor:
All my candles and 'candle stuff' are in a basket under that table.  Today I got a new shipment of Yankee Votives, so on a whim I decided to clean out the basket.  Ummmmm, there were magazines and catalogs in there from 2004.  Need I say more???
I didn't take a before picture (I always think of these things too late..), but here is a picture of what all was in that basket:
The 9x13 pan is left-over from my cabinet clean-out yesterday,  the plants were brought in to avoid the freeze, and the bowl by them contains chocolate muffins :).  The other stuff was all in there.  After washing out the basket, I re-filled it with just actual candles that had been organized:
It's not much, but it's one more little place in my house that is organized.  I cleaned it on a whim, but it does make me feel just a little better.  That's not a bad thing!

And now here is my bar after I got everything put its place:
That's a big ole beautiful blue ball jar full of zinnias from the yard.  It's supposed to be in the low to mid-30's the next three nights, so that will probably be the end of my flowers.  I've covered the mums, but I picked all the zinnias that were still in good shape and brought them in so I could keep just a little more summer around :)

I'm attempting to link up to Organizing Junkie's 52 weeks of organizing.

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