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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lamp re-do

I have several projects going on right now for the new guest bedroom.  I was going to look for a new lamp, but then took a look at the lamp that my dd had in that room when we first moved in and it was an 'angel' theme room;
I decided it was a neat lamp and I would paint it.  But wait!  I realized that the top and bottom had cool artwork on them that I wanted to keep, so I'd just paint the middle 'angel' part.

Isn't that cute?  I just couldn't cover it.  So, I taped it up and painted the middle part:

I like how it turned out!  Now for the shade.  I thought I'd give painting a try - can't hurt!  Then if it doesn't work, I can go to Dollar General and buy one...
So I taped the top and bottom of the lamp and spray painted the shade 2 coats of white.  I didn't get a picture of it, but it looked good enough to work for awhile.  So, to see it all together, I put on the shade and turned it on:
BWAHAHA!!  The picture came right through the paint!!!!  WTF?  I had to laugh and call it a great lamp base.... I'll just plan on going to Dollar General and spending $5 on a new shade.  Alas, better than buying a whole new lamp :)
Another fun make-over.  I just love this stuff!! 

I finished up a couple other projects today... something to post about tomorrow, although Thursday is a busy day/evening for me.  Peace ♥

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