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What does a 50-year old retiree do with her time? This is my little area to talk about thrifting, repurposing, cleaning, organizing, decorating, gardening, cooking, family, and whatever strange and unusual thoughts come to mind. My dd and ds have both moved out, so it is just DH and me living out here on 20 acres near a small town in Missouri. My sister-in-law and I are going to open a booth at a local fleamarket/antique mall, so I am excited to work on all kinds of fun projects :) I hope you enjoy and find something of interest.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Busy, rainy, dreary day here in MO.  I went to a district retired teacher's meeting for most of the day.  Not too exciting, but a great lunch :).  I didn't do anything crafty or organiz-y today, except clean out one cabinet in the kitchen - Every time I clean out cabinets, I get rid of stuff.  I've had that cabinet organized about the same way for 10 years, and I finally re-arranged it in a way it makes sense.  Why did it take me so long????

I have no picture of that, so I thought I'd just leave you with a picture of Mt. Hood.  We recently got back from a Nat Geo cruise down the Columbia and Snake Rivers.  It was awesome!

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