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Sunday, October 16, 2011

kitchen-towel pillows

I am continuing this post from the previous one, in order to get my pictures on here.  If you're reading this post, it actually  begins on the next post (next older post, here  .)   Blogging trouble....

I simply folded the towel around the pillow, and had the nice end out.  That left me a bit over one inch on each side, and I decided to just sew straight down each side.

 Here it is, pinned up:
I sewed down that line, then also sewed just about 1/4 inch in from the side:
ROFL!  Did I just mention that I am having trouble downloading pictures?!?!?!  How this pic got on here, I do not know.  Looks like some early garden bounty...
Back to the pillow:
This is the mark I penciled in so I had a guide for sewing.

This is the aforementioned quarter inch I was going to sew:

Hard to explain, but very easy.  Voila:

Here's the envelope back:
The second pillow was a nice travel pillow that I got for 2.00 at Pamida.  It was just the right size for me to fold over this great gray ticking striped kitchen towel and sew up each side:
I just love it!  So, I had one towel left.  I decided to actually cut off the extra of this one and sew it inside out.  But what to do to make in fun and to do something with the edge I cut off?  Hmmmm:

I looked up several ideas from my pinterest boards, and got some inspiration, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted.  So I tied it in a knot (I know, brilliant, out-of-the-box thinking!!), stuck it in there, and sewed it up, then turned it right-side out.

I just love how it turned out :).  So here they are, all together:
I think it's taken longer to write this blog than it took to sew up these pillows!  I will keep on the look-out for dishtowels from now on - that made these pillows easy-peasy!

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