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Saturday, October 29, 2011

So much to share...

I have had so much going on lately, I have hardly even had time to be online this week.  First of all, we finally got our new carpeting, so I can finally get my guest room done :)
Here's the living room after we pulled up the carpeting, pad, and a million staples:
How do you like that wall? There is a huge corner entertainment center/bookshelves that goes in front of there, so no-one sees back there.  Lazy?  Me?  And here's our white trash front porch:

I love the new carpet, it is so clean and fluffy!!!

 I stopped by a yard sale on my way home from the store today.  We usually don't have yard sales this late, but we have had a wonderful fall, and the temps were still in the 60's today.  Here's what I picked up:
I started stripping paint off the top before I remembered to take a pic.  I'm going to clean up the bottom and re-paint it white, and I'll do the top in black stain.  I'll post pics of that soon.  Here is the top after I got as much off as I could with the stripper (I hate that stuff!):
It had a few layers of paint on it, and I figure I'll sand the rest off tomorrow.  Did I mention how much I paid for this? ONE DOLLAR!!!!!  How could I pass that up??

I paid another hard-earned dollar on this:

Isn't this a great chair?  It's in perfect shape.... for ONE DOLLAR!  This lady was really wanting to get rid of stuff.  Ok, well, it's not completely perfect:
The lady said, "I bought it like that, it works fine!"  And, actually, it does!  I know my dh can fix it, and if he doesn't, it can go on the front porch with the last thing I bought at the sale:
It's a little rough, but not too bad.  We never use the front porch (people come in the side door,) so it's just for looks, anyway.  With the cushion, I paid a whopping TWO DOLLARS!!  That's right, $4.00 total for these three pieces.  I'll take that any day of the week :)

If you read this post, you saw my bench that will go in my guest room.  I finished painting it.  I don't love it, but it will have pillows all over it and I think it will look good in the room:
I will post pics after I get it set up in the room.

Here's one more thing (since I didn't post all week, I'll do triple duty on this.)  At the same flea market I found the bench, I found a great old dresser.  I paid $75 for it, but it was worth it.  It had obviously been sitting out for many years, and was filthy.  I thought I'd have to re-stain and varnish, but I found some awesome wood cleaner/restorer, and it cleaned up beautifully.  I'm upset I didn't get a before photo, as you wouldn't believe the difference.  Here it is after its cleaning:

Hope all this makes up for not blogging all week.  I'll be linking up with some DIY parties!

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  1. What beautiful pieces you have found. Love that old chest of drawers.