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Sunday, October 16, 2011

pillows made from dish towels

Surprise!  I haven't blogged for a few days.  I will try to make up for it today.  I just can't get to the computer every day.  I'll try to do better :)

Friday I had the best time making pillows!!  I want to pretty up the bench I showed you in the last post.  Here's what I got for my birthday:
I thought I had a better picture, but yes, it is a new sewing machine - with 88 pre-programmed stitches.  That's probably 86 more than I'll use :) 

Anyhoo...I ordered the comforter for the bed in the guest room from Target.  When I was in Target the other day, lo and behold, there was a set of kitchen towels that matched my comforter!!!  I was way too excited there on the spot over kitchen towels!!!  The pic above is the very same print, and here are the other 2 towels that came in the set:

I had 12x12 and 14x14 pillow inserts, and found that the 14x14 were too big, so I had to go with the smaller ones.  I'll do something different with the larger pillows.
I hate to stuff pillows, so I sewed each with an envelope close.  Here's the first one:

Sooooo, my computer is not letting me upload my photos.  I'm going to publish this and then see if I can start a new post to finish this.  This is why I don't blog as much - it takes forever to upload one photo....grrrr.  I wish I knew more about computers and could figure out my problem :)

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